THE WEDDING NIGHT TWEETS - 1M,1F. One-Act (10 min), A newlywed husband discovers a
problem with his wife's over-zealous affinity for social media on the day after their wedding.

*Winner - Arkansas Theatre Collective's Spring Cleaning Festival, 2016
*Winner - Audience Favorite,
Short+Sweet Manila (Philippines), 2017

"Congratulations! We have decided to use your play THE WEDDING NIGHT TWEETS for our one-
act play festival and could not be more excited! We received hundreds of submissions and decided on
four incredible plays." (Eleah Burman, Quirky Productions, 2015)

"Daniel is so so so funny! I saw this play at the last Frontier Conference fringe festival and we were
all laughing way too hard. The way Daniel can poke fun at current technology and how it affects
romantic relationship is spot on! If you are doing a one act fest, this one is sure to get people
excited!" (Catherine Weingarten, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2015)

"A very funny, biting commentary on the lunacy of social media. Makes its point while making you
laugh - even if a bit ruefully. #lovedit" (David C. Tucker, Playwright, 2015)

"Clearly inspired by our digital social climate of oversharing, in Guyton’s hilarious short, Maria
takes this trend to unprecedented heights as she live tweets the blow-by-blow action... of her wedding
night. The play raises serious questions about how far is too far... but it’s so silly and genuinely
satisfying, it will assuredly have audiences singing “I Believe I Can Fly” on the way out... it was
good for me." (Greg Burdick,
New Play Exchange, 2018)

"I started reading this play, and then realized I saw it done at my university last year. It's a great
piece on how technology can change our social interactions. Of course, it's also hilarious. It was
definitely an audience favorite that night! Fun roles!" (Ryan Bultrowicz,
New Play Exchange, 2018)

WEDDING NIGHTS TWEETS with my wife and we fell out. Existential, absurd, hilarious,
and outrageous!" (Steven Gunn, audience member, 2017)

"I have chosen
WEDDING NIGHT TWEETS for the programme - it's hilarious and truly
frightening!" (Rosie Holden, Ready Set Scratch, 2018)

"It was wonderful! Great people, warm house, they loved your play!" (Hila Ben Gera, Lama Theatre
Company, 2015)

"Your play was great! You received many laughs." (Jillian Walzer, Process Theatre, 2015)

"Thank you for sending
WEDDING NIGHT TWEETS. The audience loved it & it was also my
favorite." (Rachel Washington, Arkansas Theatre Collective, 2016)

WEDDING NIGHT TWEETS got a terrific response... Very timely." (Carmen Desena, Relationship
Theatre, 2016)

"Guyton never disappoints. Always gut-busting funny (every line!), but he always has a point to
make about human interaction. Yes, the wife in this play is awful, she's not 'there' for her husband,
but what about're on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, New Play Exchange (!), whatever,
sometimes when you're with someone special (admit it!), on a date or even in bed (admit it!). If you
ever wanted to read a first play by Guyton and get hooked on his playwriting, read this play! Deserves
production after production around the entire globe." (Asher Wyndham,
New Play Exchange, 2017)

"A great play for our times. We all have that moment where we think we've put too much
somewhere on some feed, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Guyton plays into that with such hilarity
and brilliance in this ten minute wonder. It's making me rethink posting anything in the future!"
(Lee Lawing,
New Play Exchange, 2018)

"Extremely timely and tongue-in-cheek, Guyton approaches the situation with both silliness and
sincerity. The craziest thing was that the way it was presented didn't actually SEEM that crazy--in
this day and age, it isn't all that hard to imagine. Great dialogue, great lines, phenomenal ending
that asks more questions than it answers. Guyton is a master." (Emily Hageman,
New Play
Exchange, 2018)

--Excerpt performed at the Valdez Fringe Festival in Valdez, AK, 2014
--Produced by
Mostly Harmless Productions in Schenectady, NY, 2014
--Staged Reading at the
Process Theatre's Play Day Read-A-Thon in Atlanta, GA, 2015
--Produced by
The Pensacola Little Theatre in Pensacola, FL, 2015
--Produced by
Quirky Productions in Manhattan, NY, 2015
--Produced by
Lama Theatre Company in Manhattan, NY, 2015
--Produced by
M.T. Pockets Theatre Company in Morgantown, WV, 2015
--Produced by
Arkansas Theatre Collective in Bentonville, AR, 2016
--Produced by
Relationship Theatre in Manhattan, NY, 2016
--Produced by
Darkhorse Dramatists in Binghamton, NY, 2017
--Produced by
Director's Cut Theatre Company in London, UK, 2017
--Produced by
Longwood University in Farmville, VA, 2017
--Produced by
Short+Sweet South India in Chennai, India, 2017
--Produced by
Short+Sweet Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA, 2017
--Produced by
Short+Sweet Manila in Manila, Philippines, 2017
--Produced by
Short+Sweet Sydney in Sydney, Australia, 2018
--Produced by
Short+Sweet Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2018
--Produced by
Short+Sweet Canberra in Canberra, Australia, 2018
--Produced by
Staged Right Theatre in Lilburn, GA, 2018
--Produced by
Ready, Set, Scratch in UK, 2018
--Produced by
Atellan Theatre as part of Piccolo Spoletto Festival in Charleston, SC, 2018
--Produced by
ACME Theatre for their New Works Winter Festival in Maynard, MA, 2018
--Produced as a Short Film by
Hanna Juurakko in 2018
 (20 Productions)

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