IN THE SHADOW OF A WAR - 2M. One-Act (10 min), A nod to Samuel Beckett, and a satire of
this blasted war. Two roommates await the cannon fire of an impending army.

"IN THE SHADOW OF A WAR, by Daniel Guyton, is a cut above. It's highly reminiscent of
Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," but seems to take place in some sort of dungeon in which two
prisoners cower and read from a blank book, awaiting a coming war. The dialogue is opaque and
repetitious, but very nicely delivered by Jerry Jobe and Bob Winstead. Julie Taliaferro's direction
prevents the action from becoming static. It provokes thought, but it's the sort of piece that needs to
be done to perfection to work on all levels. It's good here, but not perfection." (Playgoer,, 2013)

"A great little script by Daniel Guyton." (Jerry Jobe, Academy Theatre, 2013)

--Published in The Twisted Mind of Daniel Guyton (Poetry & Plays in the Dark Comedy Vein), 2009
--Produced at the
Academy Theatre in Atlanta, GA, 2013
--Produced at the
Short & Sweet Dubai Festival in Dubai, UAE, 2019

Author holds all copyrights. For performance or production information, please contact the
In The Shadow Of A War