Daniel Guyton

GOOD BOY - Feature Length (2 hrs) - Commissioned by Made Legit Media. Based on a short film
by Jesse Scimeca. When mob enforcer Oliver gets double-crossed by his former partner, he
goes on the run and attempts to lead a good life - with help from a good boy named Rex.

UTOPIA 69 - Feature Length (2 hrs) - Co-Written with Rachael Lambert. Somewhere betwixt A
Brave New World
and Woody Allen's Sleeper rests UTOPIA 69; a dystopian nightmare fantasy
in which illnesses, wars, and poverty have been erased. In their stead is moral decay, a lack of
love, and a whole lot of one-night stands. If we eliminate conflict in our lives, can humanity
still exist?
*Honorable Mention from the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival, 2014*
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A WOMAN'S TOUCH - Feature Length (90 min). Co-Written with Marilisa Walker. A feature-
length horror-comedy loosely based on Frankenstein, in which a deranged woman tries to
create the perfect man – by harvesting her one favorite body part from each of the imperfect
men she dates. Of course, she has to kill these men first, in order to obtain their body parts.
But beneath the murder and mayhem is a simple story of someone needing to be loved.
*Winner of the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival Best Horror Screenplay Award, 2013*
*Finalist in the
Eerie Horror Film Festival in Erie, PA, 2013*
*Horror Feature Film of the Day,
WildSound Festival Review, 2017*
"A great read... Even though there are some gruesome moments of this story that would make
Hannibal Lecter blemish [sic], this is an engaging and energetic psychological thriller that will
astonish many people in its graphic depictions of murder and bodily mutilation. Women will likely
feel empowered that the serial killer is an atypical female character, whose malevolent existence was
created by lewd and irresponsible behaviors committed by young men. Horror fans will appreciate
this level of horror and suspense, since it is presented in such a bold and original matter." (Official
feedback, WILDSound Writing Festival, 2013)
"Wow, wow, wow! So glad I got to hear [it] read; it will be a stunning movie." (Judith Beasley,
Actress, 2013)
--Staged Reading at Onion Man Productions' Second Saturday Series in Norcross, GA, 2013
--Horror Feature Film of the Day, WildSound


BACK DOOR MEDICINE - Short (6 min); Dr. Olivia Sandman performs illegal medical exams
from the comfort of her own living room, much to the chagrin of her intern Adam.
--Produced by Mystery Flavor Films for the Atlanta 48-Hour Film Project, 2014

DEAD GIVEAWAY - Short (7 min); Robert buys his wife an unconventional gift for Valentine's
Day, which leads to an awkward conversation about love after death.
"Excuse me for gushing forth, but that was a dynamite piece you brought in - a laugh-a-minute
piece of entertainment... You are amazingly talented." (Hank Kimmel, Working Title Playwrights,

DEATH OF A SNOWMAN - Short (10 min), A snowman and a little girl discuss the afterlife in
this existential Yuletide comedy.
*Winner of the GottaGo! Newsletter's "Favorite of the Evening" award in 2009*
*Semi-Finalist in the Play-Makers Spokane Hit & Run VII Series in Spokane, WA in 2013*
"I felt as if my face were leaking, I cried so much during this piece, but I just let the tears fall and
wiped them away as needed. I never got around to voting online, but Guyton’s “
” is probably my favorite of all of the Phoenix Xmas pieces." (Hope Baugh, Indy
Theatre Habit, 2010)
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FAT DICK - Short (10 min), An overweight private detective has to solve a murder. But can he
figure out what to eat for dinner first?
(Adapted from the stage play)
"I must say I am incredibly impressed and am as close to in love as possible with FAT DICK."
(Josh Vining, Of Darkness and Light Productions, 2013)
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THE FORGIVEN, PART II - Short (20 Minutes) - Co-Written with Russ Ivey. The sequel to Russ
Ivey's hit 2010 film "The Forgiven". Reverend Jacobs loses his faith and continues down a
dark path of revenge, after his wife is brutally murdered.
--Produced by Ivey League Productions, 2012

FOR WHOM THE (WEDDING) BELL TOLLS - Short (10 min); A young woman is determined to
get married today - even if her fiance can't make it to the wedding!
--Produced for the Atlanta 48-Hour Film Festival, 2010

THE FOUNTAIN - Short (10 min); A love triangle between a man, a woman, and an a**hole.
--Produced as a student film at the University of Georgia, 2002

FRANKIE'S LAMENT - Short (10 min); Two mob thugs try to pressure a geek into doing
something he'll regret.
(Adapted from the stage play A Friend to All the Little Guys)
--Produced as a student film at the
University of Georgia, 2002

GEORGIE GETS A FACELIFT - Short (10 min), A young man tries to kill himself in this dark,
disturbing comedy, but an accidental murder puts things into perspective.
(Adapted from the stage
"From the short play by Daniel Guyton comes a slice from the worst day of George McCauley
Robertson's life. The recipe for this Black Comedy: manic depressive, suicidal, homicidal college
graduate + a fully loaded revolver + his Momma + a Girl Scout + Thin Mints. At the heart this film
is about a young man who has invested everything of himself in the American Dream being
slapped in the face with the reality that the American Dream is a lie. Hard work and dedication
don't get you much when you are a member of the expendable dwindling middle class in modern
America. GEORGIE GETS A FACELIFT tells the tale of how one college graduate deals with being
pushed too far and let down by his society. After successful runs across the nation on stage, this
"delightfully dark", "jaw dropping", "heartbreaking", "relevant" story is being re-imagined for
the screen." (Joey Folsom, Emotionalism Films, 2011)
--Produced by Emotionalism Films and Cine De Gato Loco, 2012

I'M NOT GAY! - Short (10 min). A gay man and a homophobe are trapped on an elevator
together. Hijinks ensue.
(Adapted from the stage play)
"I was very struck by the performance of the guy that played the nerd, in the film... and then I got
to thinking about the film and the acting job the guy did, and I thought goddamn, this is like some
Jerry Lewis sh** going on in there. Very interesting. Very interesting." (Jaz Dorsey, Artlightenment
Film Festival, 2012)
--Produced by Baxter's End Productions, 2009
--Official Entry of the
Lancaster Area Film Festival (LAFF) in Lancaster, PA, 2010
--Official Entry of the
Artlightenment Art and Film Festival in Nashville, TN, 2011
--Official Entry of the
Bridgeport ComedyFest Film Festival in Chicago, IL, 2012
--Official Entry of the
SOAPIFF Film Festival in Nashville, TN, 2012

IN SOMEONE'S APARTMENT - Short (10 min), A man wakes up, bruised and battered, in
someone else's apartment. Bewildered, he soon realizes he is not alone.

LISTEN, SUGAR - Short (10 min), A coming of age story about a father and son. And a hooker.
--Commissioned by Chiggy Vision Productions

MILO & BARBARA - Short (15 min), Barbara's life is turned upside-down when her husband
suddenly vanishes without a warning. When he returns four weeks later, they each try to pick
up the pieces.
(Adapted from the stage play)
--Produced as a Short Film by
Baxter's End Productions, 2011

ONE LAST TIME - Short (7 min), A devastated widow finds a way to revive her dead husband,
but her motives may not be for the best...
*WINNER of Best Writing, Best Ensemble Acting & Audience Favorite Awards at the Atlanta
Hour Film Festival, 2013
"We're writing personally to congratulate you on winning the Group C audience prize with ONE
. There were like a dozen films that addressed resurrecting the dead, but yours stood
alone. With such an unexpected twist and hilarious execution of the concept, the accolades are well
deserved." (Gabe Wardell, Atlanta 48-Hour Film Festival, 2013)
--Produced by Felton Films for the Atlanta 48-Hour Film Festival, 2013

TELL HER - Short (8 min), co-written with Daroderick Sallie. A shy young man finds the
courage to tell the love of his life how he really feels about her.
"I just wanna say thanks to Daniel Guyton and the Man above for believing and helping me write
#MyFirstShortFilmScript!! I used to say I never could write a script/screenplay, but now I know that
isn't true. All I had I do was believe in myself, have faith, and trust God. #GodIsGood. I can't wait
until the script is finished so I can start filming!" (Daroderick Sallie, actor, 2014)
--Commissioned by Daroderick Sallie

Wesley Cook's "WHERE WE WANT TO BE" - Music Video (5 mins) - Song by Wesley Cook.
When a young woman's husband dies, she contemplates taking her own life. But with the
power of love and music, she finds a way to go on.
"Dan, you did such a great job at helping me put the vision together... and I'm so glad I chose you
to collaborate with!!!" (Wesley Cook, musician, 2014)
--Commissioned by Little Sun Records

Wesley Cook's "WITH A LITTLE LOVE" - Music Video (5 mins) - Song by Wesley Cook. A
soldier returns home from war, only to find out that the real battle has just begun.
--Commissioned by Little Sun Records

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE - Short (10 min), A mentally disturbed man discovers his wife in bed
with his cousin. The revenge he takes may be a bit extreme.
"I couldn't stop smiling while reading this... It's AMAZING!" (Eric Davies Wagner, Mystery Flavor
Films, 2014)
--Commissioned by Chiggy Vision Productions

ZOMBIE SOCKS, Episode 5, Parts I and II - Webisode (short) - Episode 5 in the critically
acclaimed web series "Zombie Socks", produced by V. Elizabeth Stacy. In this episode, the
Undead Staffing Agency enlists the help of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Buffy the Vampire
Slayer, and other misfits in this hilarious send-up of zombie movies and mockumentary shows
like "The Office."
--Produced by New Media Productions, 2013
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