ROSIE, THE RETIRED ROCKETTE - 4F, One-Act (10 min). 86-year old Rosie is in a nursing home,
but she still thinks she's back in her fabulous Rockette days.

*Ranked Division I in the Iowa High School Speech Association Contest, 2018*

"I love it. It's just a lovely piece of black humor, yet heartwarming, and real. It's edgy, and sweet and
funny... and a bit warped." (CJ Ehrlich, Playwrights' Binge, 2011)

ROSIE THE RETIRED ROCKETTE: An elderly ex-chorus girl relives her glory days when her
granddaughters arrive for a holiday visit. A raucous, hilarious and moving story. Written by Daniel
Guyton, Directed by Linda Nile." (Press Release,, 2013)

"When Dawn and her two daughters visit Dawn's mother, Rosie, in a nursing home, Rosie believes
that she is in her dressing room at Radio City and that her granddaughters are two new Rockettes.
While the granddaughters enjoy Rosie's scandalous stories - Rosie was a wild one - Dawn needs her
mother to see and recognize her. The acting was lovely, the direction was quite good, and the story
was moving." (Wendy Caster,, 2012)

"Last up is Daniel Guyton’s
ROSIE, THE RETIRED ROCKETTE in which a nursing home resident
(Glory Hanna) relives her heyday as a Rockette, mistaking her daughter (Tina Barnhill) and
granddaughters (Kendra Gilbert and Anna Leigh Spencer) as fellow dancers with whom she shares
spicy gossip. Robert Winstead has directed Ms. Hanna to start the show with seated dance movements
that clearly evoke the Rockettes, and the play moves toward its sentimental conclusion with numerous
laughs along the way." (playgoer,, 2017)

"I saw your play in the Estrogenius Festival... It was GREAT! I took a friend of mine and she also
LOVED your play. So moving and also funny. We were both in tears at the end." (Vanessa Shealy,
Emerging Artists' Theatre, 2013)

"This is a perfect Christmas play because it's so unlike most Christmas plays I've read. A perfect
opportunity for 4 female actors of various ages -- that's rare, especially in a Christmas play! It's
delightful, capturing the holiday spirit without being cliche' - it has a saucy, feisty octogenarian
Rockette who's had her way with plenty of sailors! It's silly, as many holiday plays are, but it's also
serious, poignant with what it says about Alzheimer's and how family members react to the disease.
Check it out! Produce it!" (Asher Wyndham,
New Play Exchange, 2018)

"The Academy Theatre folks did two short plays, [including] the touching
about an elderly woman living in a rest home being visited by her daughter and two
granddaughters at Christmas. I quite loved [it]." (Linda M Young,,

"One of my happiest times in the theatre, directing
Guyton with Bobbie Elzey as Rosie and Amy Morrow and Laura Lee Gill playing her
granddaughters." (Sylvia Davenporth-Veith, Onstage Atlanta, 2016)

"it was a great little play and so well done." (Judith Beasley, Onstage Atlanta, 2016)

"I saw this twice last week, once at Merry Little Holiday Shorts and then at ARTC's Atlanta
Christmas. Good show!" (Matt Lupo, Working Title Playwrights, 2012)

"We went to see Holiday Shorts yesterday at Onstage Atlanta. We loved it! '
' by Daniel Guyton was exceptional. Great Holiday experience. Tonight's the last night.
Go see it!" (John Stutte, Onstage Atlanta, 2012)

"Such a fun way to celebrate Christmas!! My favorite was
made me cry - bittersweet play." (Cindy Clough, audience member, 2016)

--Staged Reading at the Process Theatre's Play Day Read-A-Thon in Atlanta, GA, 2011
--Produced by
n.u.f.a.n. ensemble's 7 Plays in 7 Holi-days festival in Chicago, IL, 2011
--Produced at the
Estrogenius Festival in Manhattan, NY, 2012
--Published by
Heuer Publishing in 2012
--Produced by the
Duncanville Community Theatre in Duncanville, TX, 2012
--Produced by the
Performing Arts Foundation of Luna County in Deming, NM, 2012
--Produced by
Madrid High School in Madrid, IA, 2012
--Produced at
Onstage Atlanta's Merry Little Holiday Shorts in Atlanta, GA, 2012
--Produced at the
Academy Theatre's An Atlanta Christmas in Atlanta, GA, 2012
--Produced at
Christ Lutheran Church in Monroe, MI, 2013
--Produced at the
Lionheart Theatre's Holiday Punch in Norcross, GA, 2013
--Produced by
Montgomery Central Middle School in Cunngingham, TN, 2013
--Produced by
Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga in Chattanooga, TN, 2013
--Produced by
Suffolk County Community College in Selden, NY, 2013
--Produced by the
Mirror Theatre in North Hollywood, CA, 2013
--Produced as a Radio Drama by
KYRS Radio (92.3fm) in Spokane, WA, 2014
--Produced by
Second Stage Studio in Cumberland, RI, 2014
--Produced by
Valhalla High School Drama in Valhalla, NY, 2015
--Produced by Newnan High School in Newnan, GA, 2016
--Produced by
Lucan Drama Co in Dublin, Ireland, 2017
--Produced at the Lionheart Theatre's Holiday Punch in Norcross, GA, 2017
--Produced by South Sioux City High School in S. Sioux City, NE, 2017
--Produced by
Clear Creek Amana in Oxford, IA, 2018
--Staged Reading by
City Theatre in Miami, FL, 2018
--Produced at the Short & Sweet Dubai Festival in Dubai, UAE, 2019
--Produced by
Warren Hills Regional High School in Washington, NJ, 2019
       (23 Productions)

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Rosie, the Retired Rockette