REBEL WITHOUT A CLAUS - 1F,2M One-Act (10 min). Mrs. Claus reveals how she almost
married Arthur Kringle, Santa's rebellious older brother.

"I absolutely love this piece... I truly think REBEL WITHOUT A CLAUS will be one of the
strongest and most memorable shows of the evening." (Sylvia Veith, Onstage Atlanta, 2011)

[REBEL WITHOUT A CLAUS] at the Phoenix. So much fun, such a hoot. And they
really brought their A game - great actors, of course, but the costume design was especially
inspired. Great show!" (Eric Pfeffinger, Playwright, 2014)

"The dark side of Christmas is more searchingly explored in "
with [Dave] Ruark portraying a generic lost soul from the 1950s, pompadoured and
leather-jacketed. The wayward brother of the boy who would grow up to become Santa Claus
comes to a bad end. His example turns out to prescribe the Jolly Old Elf's naughty-and-nice
division of juvenile humanity every Christmas Eve. So now we know...
Flashing Through the
is topnotch entertainment poised on that boundary. It's under the mistletoe all the way, and
deserves a smooch." (Jay Harvey,, 2014)

"I finally got to see
REBEL WITHOUT A CLAUS and it was delightful, as I expected it to be.
Really funny, but with a nice little touch of poignancy that kept it from going over the top... I
thought the costumes were great - a nice melding of Christmas and the 1950s." (Mark Harvey
Levine, playwright, 2015)

"The sketches themselves are strong [including] the flashback story of how Santa Claus and his
wife fell in love... The whole show is much-needed alternative to the sometimes saccharine shows
produced around the holidays." (Melissa Hall,, 2015)

"Ha! That was fun!" (Joseph Cascio, audience member, 2015)

--Produced at Onstage Atlanta's Merry Little Holiday Shorts Festival in Atlanta, GA, 2011
--Produced by
Sun City Carolina Lakes Performing Arts Club in Indian Land, SC, 2012
--Published by
Heuer Publishing in 2012
--Produced by the
Kennedy Langbank School in Saskatchewan, Canada, 2013
--Produced by the
Phoenix Theatre's A Very Phoenix Xmas 9 festival in Indianapolis, IN, 2014
--Produced by
Second Stage Studio in Cumberland, RI, 2014
--Produced by Washington Street Players at
Boise High School in Boise, ID, 2015
--Produced by
Newnan High School in Newnan, GA, 2016
--Produced by
Campbell Middle School in Houston, TX, 2018

Review by Hope Baugh of (2014)
Review by Melissa Hall of (2014)
Review by Jay Harvey of (2014)
Rebel Without a Claus