Three Ladies of Orpington
THREE LADIES OF ORPINGTON - 2M,3F. Full-length. Story idea by L Marcus Williams.
Three high-borne women in Victorian Era England must face a brutal reality when
the patriarch of the family passes away, leaving them with no money and with little
hope for the future. When a strange man appears at the doorway, it seems that
hope may be restored. Or will it only get worse from here?

*Winner of 7
Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Awards for Best Overall Performance of
a Play, Best Director, Best Ensemble Acting, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress,
Best Costume Design, and Best Sound Design, 2018*
*Nominated for 12
Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Awards including the above, as
well as Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Set Design, and Best
Lighting Design, 2018*
*Nominated for the
Gene Gabriel Moore Playwriting Award, 2018
*Nominated for 10 BroadwayWorld Atlanta Theatre Awards for Best Play, Best New
Work, Best Director, Best Actor (2), Best Actress (3), Best Scenic Design & Best
Technical Design, 2018*
*Top Ten Semifinalist in the
Stanley Drama Award Competition, 2017*
*Finalist in the
Kitchen Dog Theatre's New Works Festival, 2017*
*Excerpts published in
Best Women's Stage Monologues 2018 and Best Men's Stage
Monologues 2018*

"It’s not often a play arrives in DeKalb County mixing laughs, wit, heart, axe murder,
betrayal, a true interpretation of the Victorian era and provides opportunities to take the
art of local theater to new heights...
exception... One of [the play]’s main strengths is in its script. Guyton’s ability to com-
bine tragedy and comedy seems to come as second nature. Neither is lingered upon too
heavily and audiences will find themselves both laughing and crying at the fortune and
misfortune of the characters...
wonderful addition to the realm of theater that arrives on cue for Halloween. The play
captures the gothic, the Victorian, the familial tragedy and sardonic comedy of exam-
ining an era in which there seemed to be little, if any benefactors. Both laugh-out-loud
funny and tissue-worthy tragic, it’s good to know plays like this are still being written
and making their debut at local theaters such as Onion Man Productions." (R. Scott
The Dekalb County Chamption, 2017)

"I love it. Great dialogue, twists, and stories... just fantastically written, dark, and
humorous through and through."
(Michael Weems, Cone Man Running Productions,

"Wonderful, Funny, Weird, and Frightening Fun!" (Beverly Austin, Working Title
Playwrights, 2017)

"There are reasons why I was drawn to new plays, to theatre. Seeing something brand
new take shape, witnessing creative artists giving all they can to bring a new work to life,
and just the love I have for a writer that can use language but also in doing so tell a
damn good story. Daniel Guyton does all this and more in
. This tale is almost beyond original in that it is cracking open something
that peeks into another realm. Something fiercely new and ancient at the same time. It
is what great art should be - transformative." (James Beck, Onion Man Productions,

THREE LADIES OF ORPINGTON brings belly laughs in a smart, poignant small cast
play. It has all the fun of
The Importance of Being Earnest, but with a little fantasy, a
little sex, and much more empowered women. I highly recommend this for open-minded
groups who want to work on a challenging and hilarious play." (Joelle Re Arp
Dunham, Circle Ensemble Theatre, 2018)

"We enjoyed the Oct 13th opening night of the world premiere in Chamblee of
. Written by Daniel Guyton, and directed by Scott Rousseau,
the dark comedy kept us laughing and had surprising suspense. The acting is so good!
The set design/costumes are so creative! Beware - Rated R for nudity! (He's gorgeous)"
(Anonymous review, NextDoor App, 2017)

"Went to see #ThreeLadiesofOrpington last night at Onion Man Productions in
Chamblee. GO SEE IT!!! Daniel Guyton has written a deliciously wacky script that is
authentically brought to life by Tyler Buckingham, Sadye Elizabeth, and company.
Perfectly directed by Scott Rousseau. (Mature Audiences Only)." (Jayson Werner Smith,
The Walking Dead, 2017)

"Your superb play was the highlight of my holiday to Atlanta, we couldn't stop talking
about it for days afterwards! ... There aren't enough superlatives for the cast except to
say that they were all utterly brilliant." (Colette Rene, audience member and resident of
the town of Orpington, 2017)

"It’s always delightful when the last moment of a play ties up everything that’s only
been hinted at before. Daniel Guyton’s
play. The final sound effect of a glass jar being shattered explains why window panes
are broken to gain entry to a house and why a character appears wet on the driest of
days. There’s a supernatural element to it all that... all ties together with a satisfying
spookiness. Amy Levin’s sound design works quite well, with surround sound effects
adding to the sense of impending dread in the material. Musical interludes cover the
frequent set changes, with the music getting spookier and more insistent as the play
proceeds... Nancye Hilley’s costumes do a good job of setting the time period. This is a
handsome production, including Chris Franken’s props; fine makeup all around,
particularly for Sadye Elizabeth and Lisa Gordon; fine blood effects in Tyler
Buckingham’s kinetic fight choreography; James Beck’s charming lighting design,
which includes an evocative fireplace effect; and Scott Rousseau’s set that uses a
minimum of set pieces to portray various locations within a house... The blocking is
first-rate throughout... Overall, this is a terrific production that makes wonderful use of
the tiny Onion Man stage and tells an intriguing tale audiences are lapping up."
(Playgoer,, 2017)

"The brilliance of the writing makes this material that can be studied for its symbolism
and complexity. The conversations go on and on." (Lisa Ball Gordon, Actor, 2018)

"It is startlingly, shockingly good." (Benjamin Carr, Playwright, 2018)

-Staged Reading by Process Theatre in Atlanta, GA, 2017
-Produced by
Onion Man Productions in Atlanta, GA, 2017
-Produced by
Cone Man Running Productions in Houston, TX, 2018
-Published by
Next Stage Press, 2018
-Excerpt Published in
Best Men's Stage Monologues by Smith & Kraus, 2018
-3 Excerpts Published in
Best Women's Stage Monologues by Smith & Kraus, 2018

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