MILO & BARBARA - 1M,1F. One-Act (15 min), Barbara's life is turned upside-down when her
husband suddenly vanishes without a warning. When he returns four weeks later, they each try
to pick up the pieces.

*Finalist in the
Kennedy Center/ACTF Region IV 10 Minute Play Competition in 2002*

"MILO & BARBARA by Daniel Guyton... has an intriguing set-up, and an ironic ending, as a
husband returns home after an unexplained absence of four weeks to discover some unexpected
changes have occurred. It is psychologically interesting, and gifted actors Matt Benton as Milo and
Courtney Lomelo as Barbara find both the intensity and the humor, and create an intriguing portrait
of a marriage leaving a lot to be desired. The work is directed by Melissa Flower, who found the
energy and pace." (Jim J. Tommaney,
Houston Press, 2013)

MILO & BARBARA provides a darkly humorous twist on what happens when a married man takes
on a new lover – theatre. Milo’s acting bug is steeped in fervency and short-sighted[ness], a flaw
which ultimately sends Milo orbiting back to earth. Here, Milo’s blind ambition combined with
Barbara’s voice of reason clash, but Guyton refuses to end this play with a nice little bow." (Michael
Weems, Next Stage Press, 2015)

-Produced at the Maureen Stapleton Theatre in Troy, NY, 2002
roduced at The University of Georgia in Athens, GA 2002
-Produced by
The Author's Playhouse in Bay Shore, NY, 2005
-Published in
The Twisted Mind of Daniel Guyton (Poetry & Plays), 2009
-Produced as a Short Film by
Baxter's End Productions, 2011
-Produced by
Mostly Harmless Productions in Albany, NY, 2013
-Produced by
Wordsmyth Theatre and Mildred's Umbrella in Houston, TX, 2013
-Published by
Next Stage Press as part of "Hilarious Nightmares" in 2013
-Excerpt published in
InterJACtions: Monologues from the Heart, Vol. III, JAC Publishing, 2014
Milo & Barbara