"Truth Unvarnished Lacquered Up Shiny", Verizon Cable Access Channel, Tampa, FL
(Oct, 2007)
The Hothouse by the late Harold Pinter, Directed by Daniel Guyton at UGA. Starring Matt
Suber and Adam Gordon.
A silly movie I acted in at UGA, entitled Finger Puppet Freak. Starring Daniel Guyton, Simon
Sorrells, and Rachel Parish
The Mother of God Visits Hell staged reading at Town & Gown Theatre in Athens, GA.
Directed by Patric Ryan, and starring Sean Polite, Amy Laine Dowdy, and Shanon Hays.
Video edited by Daniel Guyton.
The Mother of God Visits Hell television promo, directed by Sylvia Blush, recorded for
the Alive Theatre's Cherry Poppin' Play Festival, 2009.