I'm Not Gay!
A full-length play, a 10-minute excerpt, and a short film, by Daniel Guyton ©1999

What critics have said:

"A brilliant play about all the hypocrisy about homosexualism (sic) and people either loved it or hated
it... just as it should be." (Gudmundur Ingi Thorvaldsson, Theatre Loftkastalinn)

"Artistically flawed... morally repugnant...
I'M NOT GAY! [belongs in] a category of its own - the
theatre of the obnoxious." (Grant Tyler Peterson,
offoffonline.com, 2005)

"One of the funniest fu**in' plays I've ever been involved with." (Mark Adamo, actor, 2012)

I'M NOT GAY! is a competent play in which prejudices collide like go-kart cars and bounce off the
walls with laughter... I don't know if
I'M NOT GAY! will serve to lessen or increase prejudice towards
homosexuals, but one thing is for sure - people in the audience were choking with laughter... The
characterisation was unusually good and it is rare to find such a great cast, in which each and every
actor was absolutely brilliant. The language in the show is foul, but it serves the point. The tolerance of
the prudes who see this show will be put to the test, because the language is basically a dictionary of the
anus." (Dagblaðið, 2005)

"I've been involved with a lot of stage productions. This one was my favorite. So much ridiculousness."
(Ron Michaud, actor, 2014)

go watch
“I’M NOT GAY!” by Daniel Guyton. It’s the freaking epitome of a closet case. I can't stop
laughing!" (anonymous tubmlr review, 2014)

"Just because I like this play, doesn't mean I'm gay. I like lots of straight things too, like wrestling,
football, and gladiators. Oh dear." (Barnaby Luke Camp, actor, 2014)

"Extremely well written. I love how the author developed the characters and the writing was very
descriptive. I truly felt like I got to know the characters personally." (Amazon.com Review, 2014)

I'M NOT GAY!, a short vignette taking place in a New York City building, Guyton’s Gary takes a
thinly veiled approach at all questions on gay sex which seem to have haunted him for longer than we
can tell. The pay-off is well done, allowing Gary to return to his repressed mindset and catapulting him
to what we imagine is his next disastrous encounter." (Michael Weems, Next Stage Press, 2015)

"Double-billed on the show is playwright Daniel Guyton, rounding out the show with the hilarious
!" (Natasha Lewin, Tolucan Times, 2013)

"Saw the show last night... Your two pieces were last on the bill and the crowd loved them.
seemed to really hit... Good work!" (Ron Burch, Playwrights Binge, 2013)

"I attended the evening of one acts at Whitefire... The play in the elevator was fun and well done."
(Michael Erger, Playwrights Binge, 2013)

"I've no idea if you've worked as an actor - but the way you put words on a page makes it remarkably
easy to take them from the page and give voice and character to them. It's refreshing. I searched for
three days to find a monologue that was interesting enough to remember, and exciting and varied
enough to perform. When I found
I'M NOT GAY! I did a little dance... It's perfect - hilarious, shows a
beautiful range of emotion and out of all the monologues I've read it's the only one that allowed me to
instantly visualize who the character is - and it's completely appropriate for the role I'm going for."
(Jarryd Williams, actor, 2014)

"I was very struck by the performance of the guy that played the nerd, in the film
and then I got to thinking about the film and the acting job the guy did, and I thought goddamn, this
is like some Jerry Lewis sh** going on in there. Very interesting. Very interesting." (Jaz Dorsey,
Artlightenment Film Festival, 2012)

"I was recently at a high school drama competition. While there, I was fortunate enough to see a young
man perform a monologue from your play "
I'M NOT GAY!" I thought it was the most hilarious
monologue I had ever heard... I watched the nine minute clip on your website and I love your sense of
humor." (TJ North, Actor, 2014)

"I want to say I was moved by Michael's monologue in
I'M NOT GAY! I could picture that scene in my
mind and it was really touching." (Crimson, Fiberead.com, 2015)

Production History:

-First scene produced at
SUNY Albany in Albany, NY, 1999
-First scene produced at the
Shandaken Play Fair in Phoenicia, NY, 2001
-First scene produced at
The University of Georgia in Athens, GA in 2001
-Full play produced at the
Maureen Stapleton Theatre in Troy, NY, 2001
-Full play produced at
Loftkastalinn Theatre in Reykjavic, Iceland, 2005 (as Eg Er Ekki Hommi!)
-Full play produced at
TSI/Play-Time in Manhattan, NY, 2005
-First scene adapted by
The Talented Talent Brothers in Manhattan, NY, 2005
-First scene produced at
The Author's Playhouse in Bayshore, NY, 2005
-First scene produced by
Talegate Productions in New York, 2008
-First scene published in
The Twisted Mind of Daniel Guyton (Poetry & Plays), 2009
-Full play published by
Lulu.com, 2009
-First scene published by
Production Scripts in 2009
-First scene produced by
Baxter's End Productions as a short film, 2009
-First scene produced by
OTB Productions in London, England, 2011
-First scene produced by
Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA, 2013
-First scene published by
Next Stage Press as part of Hilarious Nightmares in 2013
-First scene produced at
Morehead State University in Morehead, KY, 2016
-First scene produced by
Firecracker Productions in Houston, TX, 2016
 (13 Productions)

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