HILARIOUS NIGHTMARES - A collection of 8 One-Act Plays (120 min total). Includes the titles
Georgie Gets a Facelift, Romance is Dead, Bedford's Sty, Milo & Barbara, Spat!, Father and
Son, I'm Not Gay!, and The Sins of Rebethany Chastain. These shows will terrify you, make
you laugh, and might even make you cry - all at the same time. Come hear murderous
confessions, romances gone wrong, and dreadful deeds aplenty. These dark comedies are
sure to delight, offend, and most of all entertain! (Details for each title below - in the One-
Act Category)

"No one does wonderfully dark, disturbing, character driven shows like Daniel Guyton." (Gene
Kato, Next Stage Press, 2013)

"Looking for some good reads? Daniel Guyton has a wicked sense of humor and a fearless
approach to storytelling." (Jeff Marker, Circle Ensemble Theatre, 2013)

"Daniel Guyton's script is a riot to interpret and perform. I really hope you'll come and see just
how awesome
HILARIOUS NIGHTMARES is!" (Rich Sagendorf, Mostly Harmless
Productions, 2013)

"At last, the cannon expands to include your astonishing bizarre hilarious work - congrats!"
(Mark Muro, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2013)

"If you like your literature offensive, humorous, biting, and truly entertaining, while being
emotionally moving, poignant, and with a strong message, then
for you. This is a great collection of short plays, and while they will most likely shock and
offend you, they all have such meaningful social commentary. Think something along the lines
South Park, except on stage. If you don't enjoy crass humor or have an open mind, this may
not be the read for you. If however, you're looking for something new and exciting, pick this up!
Dan Guyton is a gifted author, and so unique among the playwright community!" (Richard
Sagendorf, Mostly Harmless Productions, 2015)

"Awesome show! Funny, edgy, even spiritual! I was almost offended!" (Brian Toal, Mostly
Harmless Productions, 2013)

"I love everything by this talented writer and this was no exception! Well done, well written and
well played! I love Guyton's sense of humor!" (Nancy Powell, Onstage Atlanta, 2015)

"Such an amazing collection of one acts. These plays are perfect for pushing the envelope while
busting a gut from laughter. After you read them, you'll be looking for a stage to perform them.
True brilliance." (Ron Michaud, Amazon Review, 2015)

"Hilarious? Yes, but so much more. Aside from just being a fun read, there are two good
reasons to purchase
HILARIOUS NIGHTMARES. First off, Guyton has written and published a
lot of plays and this collection is a very good introduction to his quirky style. His writing is at
once funny, disturbing and more than just a little twisted. Secondly, if you're looking to produce
a short play, say 15 minutes or less, and you want to find a unconventional comedy that leaves
you feeling a bit uncomfortable (and maybe somewhat offended), you'll find it in this
collection. Guaranteed. Read the first play in this collection,
Georgie Gets a Facelift, about a
suicidal young man, and you will immediately see what sort of a ride you are in for. It's not
going to be for all tastes, but if you enjoy it, the good news is that seven more plays follow! And
if you enjoy this collection you'll probably want to purchase a few more of Daniel Guyton​'s
plays." (Rand Higbee, playwright, 2015)

"I bought and am reading
HILARIOUS NIGHTMARES. Halfway through & really enjoying it.
Much fun. And no, I don't mean just a lot of laughs. Laughs, sure, but I mean really good
playwriting. Well done!" (Bruce Bonafede, playwright, 2016)

"We really love your stuff. Do you have possibly eight or ten 10 minute pieces that are
comedies? We were thinking maybe of doing a Guyton festival... rather than getting a bunch of
others... Just wondering." (Bryan Rasmussen, Whitefire Theatre, 2013)

"This collection of short plays is totally delightful. I’ve never seen any of their (many)
productions – as indicated in the text – but it’s easy to visualize them on stage. They are
marvelously theatrical. Just as important, I think, they are very well-crafted. And absolutely
“hilarious” – that’s not an exaggeration. And neither is the term “nightmares.” These are dark
comedies, but not that dark. There’s a real heart behind the outlandish comedy. Well worth
reading – and producing – if you enjoy intelligent entertainment." (Bruce Bonafede, Amazon
Review, 2016)

"Last night to come see
HILARIOUS NIGHTMARES! Don't miss this one. The cast has put in
a lot of hard work, and the writing is just phenomenal. Oh, and it's funny. And offensive. It's
like South Park on stage. Or Family Guy, just without the flashbacks. Well, mostly without the
flashbacks. There's a tooth fairy. And stage guns. And it's just good, alright? So no excuses.
8pm... Be there, or be not as cool as I thought you were." (Rich Sagendorf, Mostly Harmless
Productions, 2013)

"Didn't like it, LOVED it - very talented man you are!" (Maria Bianchi, Mostly Harmless, 2013)

"This show is not suitable for children. It's not really suitable for adults either. In fact, we aren't
really sure who it's suitable for." (Poster for Mostly Harmless Productions, 2014)

"Someday I'll have the $$$ to purchase one of your collections, as you well deserve. Until then, I
remain your number one - albeit estranged - fan. I'm proud of you, Daniel... and I'm proud to
have known you, studied with you, learned from you; perhaps the greatest pride I take is in the
fact that, as your Area-mate, colleague and friend, you may just have learned something from
me as well... My best wishes to you, Dan. Forget about income; you're living the dream we all
had back at UGA. Again: all my best, all my hope and all my pride goes with you." (David
Pollack, Robot Johnson Sketch Comedy Troupe, 2013)

"It's a great collection! Truly great!" (Gene Kato, Next Stage Press, 2015)

"Just had a chance to catch up on Daniel Guyton's
HILARIOUS NIGHTMARES, a set of eight separate plays, Guyton plays with both of
the title words cleverly as he presents stories ranging from macabre, funny, honest, and
disturbing to the audience with no filter in place. With careful exploration of absurdity mixed in
with every day characters who we most likely we would not notice, he creates a dynamically
dramatic world, one in which the audience and reader will be barely able to process the
whirlwind of the previous play’s events before they are smacked in the face once again.-- In the
worlds he creates, Guyton chooses characters who are often living in extremes. His Georgie,
from 'Georgie Gets a Facelift', is a pushed too far man on the brink, almost talked down from
the proverbial ledge by his kind to a fault mother. We see a slow burn of a connection
established between his mother’s maternal nature, the trauma she’s experienced, and how it has
in turn shaped Georgie. Her final sacrifice is a tragically honest twist in line with the only way
she can carry on. -- 'Milo and Barbara' provides a darkly humorous twist on what happens when
a married man takes on a new lover – theatre. Milo’s acting bug is steeped in fervency and short
sighted, a flaw which ultimately sends Milo orbiting back to earth. Here, Milo’s blind ambition
combined with Barbara’s voice of reason clash, but Guyton refuses to end this play with a nice
little bow. -- In 'I’m Not Gay!', a short vignette taking place in a New York City building,
Guyton’s Michael takes a thinly veiled approach at all questions on gay sex which seem to have
haunted him for longer than we can tell. The pay-off is well done, allowing Michael to return to
his repressed mindset and catapulting him to what we imagine is his next disastrous encounter.
-- 'Father and Son' provides another morbidly funny take on generational differences, as told
between God and Jesus as they hear countless prayers and see God take a defeated approach
towards what he has created. Guyton again tacks a tragic and sobering button to the play’s end,
a clever moment slightly obscured by his clever banter throughout. -- 'Romance is Dead', a
monologue by 50-year-old Dr. Edward Bainsbridge, tips the scales towards the recently
incarcerated Bainsbridge honestly tells of his perversion and how he slowly developed his need
for this connection. The play brings to mind Neil Labute’s Wrecks in both tone, color, and
effectiveness of balancing past and present within a lengthy monologue. -- 'Spat!' opens as a
highly volatile, explosive argument between Mark and Wanda. Divided between a few scenes and
flashback moments, and nicely softened with the comedic Paco, the play explores a couple’s
inability to co-exist and the ways they find validation for their self and most base needs. -- 'The
Sins of Rebethany Christian' provides a different tone than any seen yet in this collection, as we
see Rebethany tell the hilariously tragic story of how a few small events can change one’s world
entirely. This is written with a bit of southern trashy charm and filled with a wild warmth of
description, character, and event. Rebethany is incredibly likable despite her flaws and reading
this monologue made me want to see it on stage immediately. -- Guyton’s final play in the
collection, 'Bedford’s Sty', functions as possibly his most disturbing, yet effective. Guyton’s use
of absurdity hits its peak as a disabled young man, Bedford, is dually informed and enabled by
the unseen voice in the living room to exact revenge upon his cousin, Lucas, for the deeds done
to both of them. The ending is truly a chilling moment, particularly in the innocence of
Bedford and allowing the audience and reader to see the future before he can. -- Guyton has
created a small universe of dysfunction that exist in Hilarious Nightmares. Each story allows for
moments of laughter, empathy, and deeper experiences of the relationships around us and the
variety of forms they can take." (Michael Weems, Next Stage Press, 2015)

--Produced by Mostly Harmless Productions in Albany, NY, 2013
--Published by
Next Stage Press in 2013
--Produced by
Mostly Harmless Productions in Albany, NY, 2015
Hilarious Nightmares