HATE MALE - 1F. One Act Play (10 min)
An angry punk grrl who hates men is arrested for murder. She tells us why she did it.

*Semi-Finalist in the Women in the Age of Trump Festival, 2017*
*Excerpt published in
The Best Women's Stage Monologues of 2015 by Smith & Kraus,

"'HATE MALE' is the story of a white trash woman (AC Smallwood), but this
monologue is not comic. It starts with a vitriolic, foul-mouthed diatribe against an unseen
guard on the other side of invisible bars. The woman has suffered sexual abuse, and her
behavior and language alternate between sweet come-ons and hateful insults. The
innocent-faced Ms. Smallwood, with a bruise around her right eye, nails the character."
TheaterReview.com, 2015)

"Prison Monologues, Part I" by Daniel Guyton, produced by Liberal Eye Productions is a
series of solo performances drawn on emotional power, subtle explorations of message,
and dark, evocative imagery that made this exhibition truly one of the powerhouses of this
year's Fringe. All of these narratives are powerfully delivered and bring something very
interesting to the table. AC Smallwood, in 'HATE MALE,' a monologue, plays the role of
a very angry young woman who was sexually abused wherein she attempts to seduce a
prison guard. Hers is the most evocative tale. Smallwood is captivating and a bit terrifying
in her portrayal of this damaged character. Keep an eye out for future offerings of this
piece." (Daniel Lamb,
Edge Media Network, 2015)

"Consider producing Guyton's powerful prison monologues, including this one and
, and JANUARY'S ALIBI. The woman in HATE MALE drips
from the mouth with Komodo-dragon-venom. Her hate for the other sex is relentless. But
the more you listen, you start caring, and you stop judging. The monologue is vulgar and
profane, but at the same time poetic and kind of existential. Another great portrait of a
tortured soul. A great challenge for a female actor." (Ashery Wyndham,
New Play
Exchange, 2015)

"Congratulations to Katlin Leslie... for [her] terrific performance last night, and to
Daniel Guyton for writing yet another powerful and provocative piece." (L Marcus
Williams, A Fly on the Fourth Wall Productions, 2013)

"A very special thanks to Daniel Guyton for writing [a] fantastic piece. Working on
was fun, enlightening and definitely a challenge." (Katlin Leslie, A Fly on the
Fourth Wall Productions, 2013)

"I love your Gretchen monologue from
HATE MALE... I thought this one really call[ed]
out to me." (Diana Pantoja, Actress, 2013)

"Where can I get a hold of this whole play? I want to do this monologue for class. Love
it!" (Katherine White, actress, 2014)

"I'm performing this monologue... It's deep. It's really unique. I like it." (Emily Poncini,
actress, 2014)

"The script's amazing and raw." (Katelyn Foley, actress, 2015)

"I have chosen the Gretchen monologue to perform as my final piece... I totally just fell
in love with it! Just superb." (Courtney Jessica Furnell, actress, 2014)

"I'm a student at York University, in Canada. I would like to request to use or have access
to your play
'HATE MALE' for my Acting for Non-Majors class." (Vinisia Maharajah,
actress, 2014)

-Performed at Emerging Artist Theatre's One Woman Standing Festival in Manhattan, 2013
-Produced by
Mostly Harmless in Schenectady, NY, 2014
-Produced by
Play Club West in Hollywood, CA, 2015
-Produced at the
Atlanta Fringe Festival in Atlanta, GA, 2015
-Produced at the
Classic City Fringe Festival in Athens, GA, 2015
-Produced by the
Director's Cut Theatre Company in London, UK, 2017

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