Father And Son
FATHER AND SON - 2M, various voices. One-Act (10 min), God becomes an atheist. Hijinks ensue.

"FATHER AND SON provides another morbidly funny take on generational differences, as told between God and Jesus as they hear
countless prayers and see God take a defeated approach towards what he has created. Guyton again tacks a tragic and sobering button to the
play’s end, a clever moment slightly obscured by his clever banter throughout." (Michael Weems, Next Stage Press, 2015)

"First, I shouldn't speak for God, but I think GOD WOULD LOVE THIS PLAY. He/She would give it four stars. Second... if it can't be
staged on the altar stage, it could be staged in your church's other room or some other stage space -- a Monty Pythonesque Christian
comedy that forces its parishioners/audience members to examine their own and humanity's behavior, selfishness, and relationship with
God, and also the purpose of prayer. This concept could've been easily a Saturday night sketch, but in the masterwork hands of Guyton it's
quite the opposite." (Asher Wyndham Bowles,
New Play Exchange, 2018)

"I just finished reading your plays and would like to add
FATHER AND SON to my syllabus.. Your dark comedy would add a nice twist."
(Jody Schardt, College of Lake County, 2012)

"Your play was another a huge hit for my ENG 122 students! Thank you again for letting me use it. We read it yesterday, resulting in an
inspired and delightful discussion." (Jody Schardt, College of Lake County, 2013)

--Published in The Twisted Mind of Daniel Guyton (Poetry & Plays in the Dark Comedy Vein), 2009
--Produced by
Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga in Chattanooga, TN, 2012
--Produced by
Mostly Harmless Productions in Albany, NY, 2013
--Published by
Next Stage Press as part of Hilarious Nightmares in 2013