Dead Giveaway
DEAD GIVEAWAY - 1M,1F. One-Act (10 min); Robert buys his wife an unconventional gift for
Valentine's Day, which leads to an awkward conversation about love after death.

*Winner of the Short+Sweet Sydney Festival Judges' Choice Award, 2017*
*Winner of the
Short+Sweet Sydney Festival People's Choice Award, 2017*
*Winner of the
Short+Sweet Manila Festival Audience Choice Award, 2016*
*Winner of the A.R.T. Valentine's Day Playwriting Competition, 2015*
*Winner of the
End of the Road New Play Festival Judges' Choice Award, 2015*
*Finalist in the Grief Dialogues Festival, 2016*
*Semi-Finalist in the Minnesota Shorts Festival of Plays, 2015*
*Honorable Mention in the Storefront Theatre's Playwriting Competition, 2015*
*Translated into Arabic for
Masrahona Newspaper in Egypt, 2016*

"I am the bearer of great news. The independent assessor of the plays has decided [DEAD
was the BEST play of all the plays (over 70) submitted. The play was rehearsed
yesterday and the actors concerned (as we piloted 8 plays) ALSO decided it was the best play. What
this means is that it WILL be performed. There is still one more judging process - the audience - but
the likelihood [is that] yours will be the overall winner." (Margaret Taylor, Almost Random Theatre,

"Excuse me for gushing forth, but that was a dynamite piece you brought in - a laugh-a-minute
piece of entertainment... You are amazingly talented." (Hank Kimmel, Working Title Playwrights,

"That was one of the best Shorts I have ever seen." (Mary Marshall, Working Title Playwrights, 2015)

"Very clever. Expresses what so many couples think, but never express." (Elly Rakowitz-Helfeld,
Playwrights' Binge, 2016)

"On Valentine’s Day, Denise (Elisabeth Cooper) is presented with funeral arrangements as a gift by
husband Robert (Charlie Miller). Their light-hearted discussion about their mortality leads to the
hypothetical romantic future of each possible surviving spouse. It’s pleasant and cute." (Playgoer,, 2015)

DEAD GIVEAWAY was performed four times in Poland last week. The last one was in front of 100
people at a play festival." (Chris Sivewright, Almost Random Theatre, 2015)

"Those who are committed or married gotta talk about it - it - y'know, the big D - Death - and
funeral arrangement, burial etc - and what better day to do that than on Valentine's Day? Not.
What's wrong with Daniel Guyton? A lot, and thankfully it continually results in some twisted plays.
From the head of this wonderfully morbid writer comes a Valentine's Day play like no other. If you're
a producer or director thinking about including a Valentine's Day play in your February showcase on
love, choose this play." (Asher Wyndham,
New Play Exchange, 2017)

"This is a modern take of 'Until Death Us Do Part'. An excellent play. Well-written, and well-
performed." (Audience member, Almost Random Theatre, 2015)

"Fantastic writing. Brilliant winner of the competition." (Audience member, Almost Random
Theatre, 2015)

"This play was the funniest of the lot. No one dies." (by Mark Douglass,
Drama in the Hood, 2017)

DEAD GIVEAWAY, a man buys his wife an unconventional Valentine’s Day gift which leads to
an awkward conversation about love after death… Felicity Burke directs herself with Duncan
Armitage in the delightful play by US writer Daniel Guyton." (Geoff Sirmai,
J-Wire, 2016)

DEAD GIVEAWAY is the winner of week one, and showcases an interesting love story. 'Robert buys
his wife an unconventional gift for Valentine’s Day – a double burial plot, which leads to an
awkward conversation about love after death.' This comedy celebrates laughter and seeing the
absurdity in a seemingly innocent situation, poking fun at everyday circumstances in relationships. A
creative and interesting story that touches on serious topics all the while keeping it light, and
relatable. 'You can have a good quality fun comedy in 10 minutes, a satisfying audience experience.
It’s lighthearted and it’s meant to be taken that way,' explained co-director and cast member Felicity
Burke." (Rocio Belinda Mendez,
Alt Media/City Hub, 2017)

-Produced by Almost Random Theatre in Oxford, UK, 2015
-Produced by
Almost Random Theatre in London, UK, 2015
-Produced by
Almost Random Theatre in Warsaw, Poland, 2015
-Produced by
Onstage Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, 2015
-Produced by
South Baldwin Community Theatre in Gulf Shores, AL, 2015
-Staged Reading at
Decatur Arts Festival in Atlanta, GA, 2015
-Produced at
Ashland Brethren in Christ Church in Ashland, OH, 2015
-Produced at
ACME Theatre in Maynard, MA, 2016
-Staged Reading at
Storefront Theatre in Waxhaw, NC, 2016
-Published by
Heuer Publishing, 2016
-Published in
105 Five-Minute Plays For Study and Performance by Smith & Kraus, 2016
-Produced by the
Short + Sweet Festival Manila in Manila, Philippines, 2016
-Produced by
Westfield Theatre Group in Westfield, MA, 2017
-Produced by
Short + Sweet Festival in Sydney, Australia, 2017
-Produced by
Cohasset Dramatic Club in Cohasset, MA, 2017
-Produced as part of
Grief Dialogues in Seattle, WA, 2017
-Produced by
Warren Hills High School in Washington, NJ, 2017
-Produced by
University of Memphis in Memphis, TN, 2017
-Produced by
Metro Arts Theatre in Brisbane, Australia, 2018
-Produced by
Staged Right Theatre in Lilburn, GA, 2018
-Produced as part of
Grief Dialogues in Seattle, WA, 2018
-Produced as part of
Grief Dialogues in Las Vegas, NV, 2018
-Produced by
Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA, 2018
-Staged Reading by
Clamour Theatre Company in Fleming Island, FL, 2018
-Produced for the
Association of Death Education and Counseling Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, 2018
-Produced at the
Dramatists Guild Foundation Annual Conference in Manhattan, NY, 2018
-Produced by
Director's Cut Theatre Company in London, UK, 2018
-Produced at the
Short & Sweet Dubai Festival in Dubai, UAE, 2019
-Produced at the
Blake School in Minneapolis, MN, 2019
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