THE DARKER PLACES TRILOGY - A collection of three one-act plays about William, a troubled teenager, boy and man, who
descends into madness. The plays include:
*ATTIC won the Kennedy Center/ACTF short play award in 2004.*

The on-air interview to the right is with ROBB HOLMES of WUGA, 97.1 fm in Athens, GA (Sponsored by NPR).

What people are saying about  The Darker Places Trilogy:

"Expertly crafted, terrifying, it goes deep into you to make you question your own vision of the world around you. Guyton's words are
full of meaning as they move along this chronicle of a murderer's life through three short plays. "
ATTIC" is a poetic ode to the
internal battle a man must wage between its good and bad side, while "
BASEMENT" is a exhilarating horror study of a man and his
demons. And it's finished by "
CRAWLSPACE" a short but vital character study that ends this trilogy. Doing horror on stage can be
hard, but Guyton makes it look easy." (Nelson Diaz-Marcano,
New Play Exchange, 2017)

"If you like psychological thrillers, you REALLY need to see THE DARKER PLACES TRILOGY. With a tight script by Daniel
Guyton, spectacular direction by David Crowe, and an amazing, talented cast. I was blown away." (Rachel Jones, The Alliance
Theatre, 2012)

"Come see Daniel Guyton's
DARKER PLACES TRILOGY... David Crowe's direction is brilliant-- Daniel's script is intensely,
beautifully written, and [the] cast [is] outstanding." (Lory Cox, Impulse Repertory Company, 2012)

"I saw
THE DARKER PLACES TRILOGY tonight at opening for the first time. Holy cow, is it good! You gotta see what the amazing
David Crowe has done with Daniel Guyton's poetic, twisted mommy issues!" (Kara Cantrell, Impulse Repertory Company, 2012)

"Saw the premiere tonight - it will stick with me for a long time. Those who know me will know that I don't praise a piece if I don't
like it... But I can't say enough about what the Circle Ensemble has done with Dan's trilogy." (Jerry Jobe, Rosewater Theatre, 2011)

"I absolutely adore this trilogy... I am enthralled by this script and am keeping it in mind for the future." (Jessica Swank, Coercion
Theater Company, 2016)

"The idea behind this arrangement of plays by rooms -- and dark ones at that -- is provocative and vivid... The
BASEMENT play is
powerful and nasty." (Dr. Stanley Longman, University of Georgia, 2011)

"I never say this, but
[ATTIC] was the most innovative, original play I've ever seen... well, from a college student." (Gary Garrison,
executive director of the Dramatists Guild, 2004)

CRAWLSPACE adds a beautifully tragic climax to the show." (L Marcus Williams, A Fly on the Fourth Wall Productions, 2012)

"It's been fascinating, disturbing, upsetting, and funny. In the best possible way... It's very rare to have such dark material treated with
humor... I think it rings the most true, because there's humor in everything." (Kathleen Hogan, Circle Ensemble Theatre, 2011)

"The Black Swan meets Seinfeld." (Lisa Mende, The Circle Ensemble Theatre, 2011)

THE DARKER PLACES TRILOGY—three plays which center around one man's descent into madness, all taking place in "the
darker places" of his mind and of his home." (Rick Rose, Flagpole Magazine, 2011)

"Poetry, sheer poetry." (Peg Thon, actress, 2012)

"Riveting, dark... presentation of the inside of a schizoid head. I like the structure of it." (Nick Boretz, Playwright's Binge, 2012)

"As a professional actress with 30 years of experience I was lucky enough to perform in the world premiere of
character was masterfully crafted, the play a gem." (Lisa Mende, Circle Ensemble Theatre, 2012)

"Darkly funny and emotionally raw... Directing
[ATTIC] was one of the highlights of my theatrical career. This is a dark, yet moving
play that can be taken in many interesting directions by an intelligent and creative cast. It's deep, with a lot of facets, so have fun with
it!" (Greg Campbell, Incumbo Theatre Company, 2012)

ATTIC is a blend between Symbolism and Realism. It's hauntingly theatrical view of recovery and remorse. There's a feeling that we
need to pack some part of ourselves away in a box, with old toys, spiders on the walls, and the hope that our daily rituals will clear the
cobwebs from our minds while keeping those parts of us that may be deemed dangerous hidden from view, buried in a room we rarely
visit. Guyton's atmospheric one-act play is perfect for colleges and theatres looking to produce one-act plays with style and
considerable substance." (John Patrick Bray,
New Play Exchange, 2018)

"[ATTIC] was daring, unorthodox and wonderful. The actors did a fine job with it and gave it all their talents which were enormous."
(Liam Mitchell, Winner of the Sue Nims Distinguished Playwright Award, 2012)

"A riveting portrait of a schizophrenic boy, ATTIC has received wide critical acclaim." (Rikin Shah, The Red and Black Newspaper,

"[ATTIC is] quirky, funny, dark, and overall interesting." (Nichole Hamilton, actress, 2015)

"We enjoyed ATTIC. The writing was good and the rhythm of the disclosures worked really well." (Karin Fazio Littlefield, playwright,

"It was beautifully done. Mesmerizing. Scotty Gannon was FANTASTIC as the alter ego character. Spooky story, spookily told."
(Judith Beasley, Working Title Playwrights, 2012)

"[ATTIC] is exceptional theatre... It is a beautifully written, highly dramatic and actable piece. I highly recommend it." (Joelle Re'
Arp Dunham, Circle Ensemble Theatre, 2012)

---Produced by the Circle Ensemble Theatre Company in Athens, GA, 2011
---Scenes were performed on
WUGA radio in Athens, GA, 2011
---Produced by the
Impulse Repertory Company at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA, 2012

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