52 Monologues for Grown-Ups
(And College Kids)
52 MONOLOGUES FOR GROWN-UPS (AND COLLEGE KIDS) - A collection of audition
monologues for actors ages 17 and up. A collection of funny, dark, and disturbing monologues
by Daniel Guyton. Perfect for actors, students, and actors pretending to be students. Some
monologues may not be suitable for children under 17.

"This little gem will liven up your stable of monologues. They are different, funny, twisted, and
fresh. Be sure and read all of them... not just the ones marked for women or men... make your
own decision about which you can do. As an older actor, I sometimes find it hard to find suitable
monologues for me. This little gem of a book will open up your choices in a delightful way." (Peg
Thon, Atlanta Fringe Festival, 2012)

"Daniel Guyton's
52 MONOLOGUES FOR GROWN-UPS is fantastic. This book of very insightful
and very adult monologues is beautifully presented and exquisitely written by one of the best up
and coming writers around. The monologues are for a mature audience, but are written with such
insight and sensitivity as to have anyone reading them stop to consider the circumstances of the
human condition. Actors, get this book." (Todd Risby, Amazon.com Review, 2013)

"Well written monologues with lots of room for creativity in performance. Having fun with these
characters and interesting shorts." (Barbara Arnello, Amazon.com Review, 2014)

"I've no idea if [Dan Guyton] worked as an actor - but the way [he] put[s] words on a page makes
it remarkably easy to take them from the page and give voice and character to them. It's refreshing.
I searched for three days to find a monologue that was interesting enough to remember and
exciting and varied enough to perform. When I found "
I'M NOT GAY!" I did a little dance... It's
perfect - hilarious, shows a beautiful range of emotion and out of all the monologues I've read it's
the only one that allowed me to instantly visualize who the character is - and it's completely
appropriate for the role I'm going for." (Jarryd Williams, actor, 2014)

"I got a place at a drama foundation course associated with the Cambridge School of Visual and
Performing Arts with this online audition thanks to your monologue... so thank you!!!" (Federica
Corti, actress, 2014)

"Wonderful collection for actors! These aren't the same monologues everyone else is doing. This
book offers a wide variety of monologues. If you are looking for audition material, this is the way
to go. The characters in these writings are complex and rich. This collection is a gold mine for
actors." (Abra Thurmond, Onstage Atlanta, 2014)

"My gracious, you are a prolific, versatile and gifted writer. It has been a privilege to read through
your work and to see how you have developed as a writer over the past few years, exploring new
territory and styles." (Rachel Greene, MonologueBank, 2016)

"As an actor with over 20 years in the industry, Daniel's work has become a life saver! The
constant round of auditioning, and the more and more constant need to find a GOOD monologue
that's fresh and fun (or even dark and gritty, or emotional and intense) never ends. Since
discovering Daniel's work I've seriously not looked anywhere else - and even better, it's won me
roles. Daniel's work is unique. With each monologue it's easy to find the character, establish a
background and motivation for them, and 'live' them for the director, producer or casting agent.
Whether you're doing your show reel or performing for a paying job, or are new to the business, or
a seasoned professional, Daniel's collection of original monologues will help you. They're fun to
read, they're often hilarious to perform and I've had a few casting agents ask me where I got my
monologue from and they've often commented on how nice it's been to hear something fresh and
new. I can't recommend his work more highly, and I can't thank him enough for giving us
something intelligent, intuitive and easy to work with." (Jarryd Williams, actor, 2014)

"I was recently at a high school drama competition. While there, I was fortunate enough to see a
young man perform a monologue from your play "
I'M NOT GAY!" I thought it was the most
hilarious monologue I had ever heard and I would love a full length copy of the play. I watched the
nine minute clip on your website and I love your sense of humor." (TJ North, Actor, 2014)

"I just got a nomination for the Irene Ryan Scholarship and I absolutely love your Running Crew
monologue from
WHERE'S JULIE? I was wondering if I could use it for my monologue for the
competition." (Jessica McMullen, actor, 2014)

"Daniel Guyton is an award winning Atlanta-based playwright who has been published and
produced all over the world. His work has been described as “wicked”, “innovative”, “delightfully
perverse”, “surreal”, and “funny”. Personally, I find it cutting edge and highly entertaining. Dan
is not afraid to push the limitations of expectation." (Dave Coonan, Theaterific, 2014)

"Excellent author, love his work. Different books and play truly have different personalities built
into them." (Review on Amazon.com, 2011)

"I want to say I was moved by Michael's monologue in
I'M NOT GAY! I could picture that scene in
my mind and it was really touching." (Crimson, Fiberead.com, 2015)

"I am very intrigued with your character 'Christian' and his monologue following his arrest and
girlfriend's suicide and I would love to perform this for my class, possibly the anti-bullying
assembly my school has coming up." (Trey Cowan, actor, 2015)

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Dan Plumeau performs a monologue from
"Romance is Dead"
Scotty Gannon performs a monologue from "Attic"
Sherelle Patisaul performs a monologue from
"The Mother of God Visits Hell"
Katharine Sanford performs a monologue from
"The Sins of Rebethany Chastain"
Lynsey Free performs a monologue from "Where's Julie?"
Mathew Suber performs a monologue from "Georgie Gets a Facelift"
Lisa Mende performs a monologue from "Basement"