2M (or 1M,1F). One-Act (10 min), Eddie the Evergreen desperately wants to
be a Christmas tree, until a little bird tells him what REALLY happens to
Christmas trees...

"Up next for the community theatre is the performance of a short play called
'LAST OF THE TANNENBAUMS' by Daniel Guyton, to be performed at the
Lighting of Malverne. The performance will be the premiere of this new play,
which is the story of the last evergreen in the forest before it becomes a
Christmas tree." (Steven Nicastro,
Malverne Patch, 2013)

LAST OF THE TANNENBAUMS is adorable - well, Eddie (the Evergreen) may
not think so but this human thinks it's very cute." (Geri Albrecht, Heuer
Publishing, 2014)

"This script is bitingly funny." (Ginger Goldman, Nouveau 47 Theatre, 2016)

"Loved John Schmiederer and Scott Ziobrowski in this! Laughed sooooo hard!"
(Rebecca Vavala, Mostly Harmless Productions, 2014)

LAST OF THE TANNENBAUMS tickled my brain." (Jeannie Edwards,
audience member, 2016)

"Would love to see a copy, script or recording for the first Christmas tree skit
from the holiday shorts... Anywhere I can see it again? Loved it!... The very first
skit with the bird and the tree... (My son and I) have been sharing one liners
with each other since then." (Chris Codding, Onstage Atlanta, 2016)

-Produced by the Malverne Community Theatre in Malverne, NY, 2013
-Produced by
Suffolk County Community College in Selden, NY, 2013
-Produced by
Mostly Harmless in Schenectady, NY, 2014
-Performed at
Process Theatre's Play Day Read-A-Thon in Atlanta, GA, 2014
-Published by
Heuer Publishing, 2015
-Produced by
Out of Box Theatre in Marietta, GA, 2015
-Produced by Newnan High School in Newnan, GA, 2016
-Produced by
AlphaNYC in Manhattan, NY, 2016
-Performed by
Nouveau 47 Theatre in Dallas, TX, 2016
-Produced by
Onstage Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, 2016
-Produced by
Whitefish Township Community Schools in Paradise, MI, 2017
Last of the Tannenbaums