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Best Contemporary Monologues for Women 18-35 - Published by
Applause Theatre and Cinema Books, 2014. ISBN 1480369624.
Features a monologue from my play THE SINS OF REBETHANY
CHASTAIN, along with 97 other monologues by authors such as
David Ives, Jane Martin, Don Nigro, Sherry Kramer, Adam Rapp,
Eric Coble, Nina Mansfield, and more!

"In the women’s book you’ll find monologues where you can play a Scottish lady
of the night in the 1820s, an interrogator at Guantanamo Bay, a sweet and ditzy
Southern belle accused of murder, or a samurai vampire (yes, really)." (Whitney
Morton Woodcock,
Portland Book Review, 2015)
Talley O'Malley, the Unlucky Leprechaun (by Kate Guyton) -
Published by Heuer Publishing, 2014. TALLEY O'MALLEY, THE
UNLUCKY LEPRECHAUN is a 10-Minute play about a leprechaun
who is down on his luck.

"TALLEY rocked. Great characters, perfectly structured and very, very funny. It
was one of the best plays at the festival....The fact that [Kate]'s new at this just
blows me away." (Roxanna Guilford-Blake, GWTF, 2013)

"Kate Guyton’s script has a schematic quality to it, with Talley surrounded by bad
luck symbols at the start and receiving good luck charms at the end. Peg Thon’s
makeup and costume are terrific as Talley, as is her posture and Irish accent. Tori
Montgomery also brings believably leprechaun-like qualities to her role as Talley’
s wife." (Playgoer,, 2014)
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